Woman Takes Internet By Storm After Posting Photos Of Her And Her Cat In 1998 And 2018

A Reddit user named bellerose93 recently posted two photos of her and her cat Fifi in 1998 and 2018. The photos quickly went viral and have gained 129k upvotes.
Everyone was melted after seeing the pics and reading the owner's comments. The post wrote: “Me and my old girl in 1998 and 2018.” Sadly, Fifi didn't live with the owner anymore. She went to the heaven in 2019. “She really was the sweetest old girl. Lost her last December, but we had 21 amazing years together so can’t complain."
Woman posting pictures of herself and her cat
“I didn’t know what life was like without my old girl - I didn’t really have any memories of living without her because I was so young myself when we got her.”
“I lost my mum when she was only in her fifties, and so it was just me and the cat for a while. It was hard when I lost her too, but it brought me a lot of closure and happiness knowing Fifi reached a good old age unlike my mum. She helped me deal with my loss so well, and she made both me and mum very happy for a very long time and I’ll always cherish those lovely memories.”

This picture was captured in 1998 when Fifi was a kitten and the owner was kid.

Woman posting pictures of herself and her cat

And this picture was taken in 2018.

It’s amazing what a difference 20 years make. They looked happy together, no matter what the year.

One of the users wanted to make the owner feel happier, so he created this adorable artwork:

Woman posting pictures of herself and her cat
Bellerose93 commented to thank the Reddit user who gave her the artwork: “Oh my goodness. Wow. This is so lovely and precious! I wasn’t expecting this to get more than a few upvotes and now I have a whole bloody drawing from a kind Reddit stranger to cherish too! Thank you so much, you’ve made my year!”
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